Demolition Day

Posted by Rebecca

First things first.  And for me, the top of my priority list involved getting rid of a wall, a built-in cabinet, decorative scalloping and grungy shower doors. 

My friend, Kara, graciously offered to be my demolition crew.  In fact, she was dying to do it! 

Now, Kara’s a great girl.  She’s funny, smart, pretty… and apparently has a hankerin’ for destroyin’ stuff.  So we gave her a prying-off-stuff-thingy and a sledge-hammer, and let her go.  The results?  Kara was exhausted and happy, and I was relieved to leave the 50’s Country Chic at the local dump.

Good bye, decorative scalloping.  I’m not sure where you came from, but I can’t let you stay.  Sorry.

I’m pretty sure the mask makes her official.

Hard at work.

My side kick, Cassi.  She’s not really trailer size, but we do ok.

So long, grungy shower door.  I don’t know who invented you, but you are not welcome here!

We had to double the demo crew to tackle the built-in cabinet.

This cabinet was actually screwed in from the outside of the trailer.  It didn’t want to come out, and at one point I was sure there would be a gaping hole in the wall when they were done.

But these professionals knew what they were doing, and I am happy to announce that my wall is still in one solid piece.

I couldn’t get any pictures of the bathroom wall coming down because the bathroom was so small I couldn’t zoom out far enough.  But after the small, unnecessary wall came down we worked on removing the wallpaper on the bathroom’s existing walls.  And lo and behold, underneath we found pink marbled plastic walls.  To match the pink tub I’m sure.


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