Only Keep What You Love, What You Use and What You Find Beautiful

Posted by Tanille

During our construction I was also busy sorting.  We had a 1500 square foot home and 200 square foot office.  And a lot of stuff.  We had been married 10 years and of course accumulated more and more stuff over the years.  The American dream right?  It was killing us.  We were so stressed out it was ridiculous.  Unhappy,  at our ropes end, and certainly no fun, we desperately needed a change.

The Nevada housing market was taking a beating, and still is.  In 2009 our house value dropped from 450,000.00 to 200,000.00 within 4 months.   We were in a position of needing to re-finance.  We loved our home – we had lived there for 7 years.  It was beautiful, we had great memories there.  I called the bank desperate for an answer.  Their response was that because we had never been behind on a payment they could not work with us.  And they wouldn’t re-finance because there was no value in the home.  And our little world fell apart.

I sat down one day while James was at work and crunched some numbers.  My mom and dad had recently moved from a large home into a trailer in a trailer park owned by a friend.  I never thought they would do that.  They sacrificed so much and yet seemed to have gained the world.   Their lack of stress was so obvious, it completely changed them.  They were happy, laughing, joking, like they used to when I was a kid.  Every time I drove to their little trailer in the park I was so jealous that I would have to return to my house that was becoming  such a burden.  So when James got home I presented him with the findings.  We could continue to struggle in the house – if we were able to re-finance, which was still in question.  Or we could get a cheap trailer, fix it up and live for a third of the price.  He was sold.

So the sorting of belongings began.  Our rule was – Only keep what you love, what you use and what you find beautiful.


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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

3 thoughts on “Only Keep What You Love, What You Use and What You Find Beautiful

  1. I think you’re rockstars for doing this…I have recently (January 1st) started living MY version of the american dream. It is definitely not how much we have, but what we do with our lives. I sold my $40,000 Audi (my dream car) and bought a $17,000 Altima. I LOVE it! We are staying in our 900 square foot home and doing more with our lives. I think you made a FANTASTIC decision and once you are completely settled into your new (and super cozy) place, you will be so happy because the stress will be less. What a hard decision you made, but kudos to you! You have made your house a home and I think it’s cozy and fabulous! Best wishes to you!

    • Thanks so much Stacy. It’s true that sometimes when we feel we are making huge sacrifices in reality they are blessings. We have so much less stress now and couldn’t be happier in our little place. My hope is that more people will start to catch on to what a great life living simple can be. I also love your blog:)

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