Two Months

Posted by Rebecca

Moving day was a success.  I had so much help that by the end of the day the old house was emptied, cleaned, and carpet cleaned, and the new place wasn’t a total disaster.

The first night in the new place was a bit of a different story.  My thermostat had been broken in the renovations, and a new one was coming, but not yet installed.  So I had no furnace that first night.  And no window treatments up yet.  No problem, right?  It was late April, Nevada desert, how bad could it be?  Really bad!  Cassi and I froze that first night.  Until you’ve lived in a vintage trailer, fit with its original insulation, you cannot appreciate how affected you are by the outside temperature.  I could see my breath the next morning.  It was freezing!  But the next day the thermostat was fixed, the window treatments started to emerge, and the place was warmed up to a comfortable chilly.

So, back on track, two months….  I gave myself two months to finish the major renovation projects because I wanted the summer off.  End of April to end of June.  During that time I hoped to finish the cupboard doors – complete with paint and hardware – replace the sinks, countertops and light fixtures, put up a new fence, and decorate.  And for a girl who doesn’t have a handy bone in her body and never in a million years envisioned making a tiny trailer home, this was about to be an enormous challenge.

Exhausted and relaxing in the new place at the end of moving day.


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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

2 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Love the new blog girls!! I will be a faithful follower. .. and, of course, will be watching for Tanille on Nate’s show tomorrow. How exciting!

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