Our 15 of fame

Posted by Tanille

Last year, after living in our trailer for about 9 months things started to come together for me.  I was getting used to small space living and starting to thrive.  We actually did it, we had created our dream space.  So I had been an avid reader of Apartment Therapy’s blog for a few years.  In fact, they were one of the places I would go to dream about a simple life and designing a small space.

Every year they have a Small Cool Contest  and I decided to enter.  They loved our space and even though we didn’t win the contest we were one of the semi-finalists and received great feedback from other readers.  So that was the end of that, or so we thought.

Last month we were contacted by The Nate Berkus show.  They had found our place on Apartment Therapy’s small cool contest and wanted to interview us.  No way!!!  Who knew that living in a trailer would be the key to our 15 minutes of fame!  Ha!  So they flew us out to New York City, put us up in a beautiful hotel in the Upper West Side and we were going to be on the show.

The Nate Show provided cars for us everywhere we went.  I have always wanted someone waiting for me at the airport with a sign!

Such a cutie!  And yes, just as adorable in person.

Pretending to relax in our very own green room.  We were sooooooo nervous.

In reality we had no reason to be nervous.  Everyone associated with the show was so nice and easy-going and really great to deal with.  Everyone  from Hair & Makeup, our producer, and the designers back stage.    This was one of the best things we have ever done.  And who doesn’t love an all expense paid trip to New York?

The show airs tomorrow!  June 6th.  Check www.TheNateShow.com for listings in your area.


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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

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