Rebecca’s Before and Afters

Posted by Rebecca

The moment you’ve all been waiting for….  I hope you like them! 

















Hey, that’s me!

All ‘after’ images by the amazing Eden Thome. Check out more of her photography here.



25 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Before and Afters

    • Hi Jana,
      I had a LOT of help from friends. And there was a lot of trial and error, moving things around, buying and returning stuff, and sampling paint colors. But I am very happy with the results. I love my little place!

  1. love the place. of course I’ve had dinner there and it is beautiful. I wish you would of not made it look all round, but very nice.

  2. Beautiful. Amazing. You have made a diamond
    from the “rough” – you can see the love and
    blessing in the results. It makes me grateful
    for what I have …. Big and small, all things
    (with the right attitude and resourcefulness)
    can be made valuable. Thank you for lesson.

  3. You’re a genius!!! What a change! Isn’t it remarkable what a lot of white paint can do to a place? I just love it to pieces. (fellow trailer chic living in AL) May I ask how you got those pics to look rounded? I’m not camera savvy. 😦 Kudo’s again!!!

    • Why thank you! Haha – I’m telling everyone I was called a genius today…. 😉 The photos were taken by my dear photographer friend, Eden, and she used a fisheye lense. It was easier to capture the whole room that way. Here’s her website if you want to checkout more of her stuff.
      And I’m glad to meet another trailer girl! 😀

    • Hi Nina. Sorry about the late reply. I had A LOT of help from friends. The stuff I didn’t have help with, I googled and watched YouTube tutorials for instruction. I found affordable things at resale places like Habitat for Humanity stores. And I asked a lot of questions at hardware stores when I bought items there. Most of my work is by no means professional, but it has lasted and still looks nice. All the best with your renovations.

  4. Very very cute place! I just bought a ’78 single wide myself. In your bathroom, did you replace the shower or just take down the doors? I’ve got the loverly avocado green full wrap ceiling shower with plastic doors. I’m a bit scared of removing it but it’s too hideous not to! If you have any advice I’d be most grateful!

    • Awesome! Congratulations!! I hope you love your new home. Remove the doors!! Those shower doors are so gross. I still have screw holes from where I took it down, but they are much less unsightly than those bacteria infested used doors. 🙂

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