Toots McGee

Posted by Rebecca

It is absolutely imperative, in my opinion, that in order to have a happy and healthy home, you need to share it with someone you love – family, friends, or furry folk.  In my case, I share my home with Cassi.  She’s my trailer mate.  More of a roommate, actually because she makes sure she is always in the same room as me, and usually directly in the way.  But I love her and she loves me.  And she helps make my trailer a home.

I’m like my dad and have a million nick-names for the people and pets close to me.  My dad rarely called me Rebecca.  He usually called me Hunka-de-Munka, Maudie, Nicky and Nicky-Nock-Nocky. 

I only call Cassi “Cassi” when I want her to come.  Otherwise it’s:

Stinky Butt

Tinky Butt

Love Bug

Bumble Bee

Sweet Pea

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Princess




Toots McGee.

I also speak to her in precisely the same voice that I speak to babies.  Not sure if it’s because I view Cassi as my baby, or I view children as pets. 

My Cassi turned 10 this week.  In September she will have been with me for 10 years.  And I’m hoping to get another 10 years out of her.  We’ll see….


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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

4 thoughts on “Toots McGee

  1. I too LOVE MY PETS like children…they are always so loyal and always there for you for sure! My first Shih Tzu “KEEKO ROSE” was almost 18 yrs old before she was gone….It’s been 8 yrs ago and just recently will get her baby pix out to view…this profile is of her when I first got her…still can’t get her older pix out without BAWLING MY HEAD OFF…
    Cherish your sweet “CASSIE”….she is your baby!
    Jana Banana

  2. Ahhh yes.. NOTHING like a furry companion! My “Stinky Pooh Rex” was put to sleep on April 28th, 2010. I do believe he ran his course. I had the privledge of having him in my life for 10 yrs. She was brought to Reno from Nebraska in 1997 where Don had found him in his cornfield and took him in. Rex was my true buddy. First friend in Reno when I moved out here and knew hardly anyone. I adopted him the instant I met him. He was the best. I guess those of us ladies who never bore children, definetly have a special connection with “furry folk” . I loved having him around following me from room to room and always having to see me when I’d get home from work or vacation… nothing like a lick on the cheek !! Boy, do i miss him madly. Crying right now just thinking about him. I thank God for the wonderful experience of being a “mom” to this sweet and loving dog. He brought me so much joy and will forever remain in my heart.
    Keep on loving your Cassi. I know you recieve the same love in return.

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