Trailer Park Chic – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Posted by Rebecca

Just wanted to share a couple of posts that I found.  Some ideas for your very own Trailer Park Chic party.  I wonder if they included boxed wine….  We have been known to harbor a box or two in our fridges and pantries at this trailer park.

The Goat: Trailer Park Chic

The Goat: Trailer Park Chic Recipes

Oh, and another, just for fun….

The Goat: Airstream Ranch

Rebecca Knabe

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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

2 thoughts on “Trailer Park Chic – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

  1. What fun!! Oh we had a great time with our themed potluck party. We decorated all the tables in newspapers, we had a couple of empty sugar bags and flour bags, too. We put a glass jar inside and put some more plastic flowers in for decoration on the food tables. We didn’t have any box wine, but that’s because we are all a part of the liver transplant support group. Alcohol is not banned for friends and family, but we’re all so used to not drinking that we don’t. It would be a great idea though, for a different group! Some of our patients have had a transplant and the rest are waiting. We do our very best to have fun events to make the waiting and recovery time enjoyable. This was by far our most “out there” theme and it was a total success.

    I really appreciate you linking up to several of my posts! I hope others will try this theme. It was a hoot.
    Kristin – The Goat

    • Hi Kristin. Yes, I imagine copious boxes of wine would be a very bad idea for a liver transplant support group party. My bad. : )
      But the party idea is very cute. Tanille and I have been wanting to throw a Trailer Trash party for a while now and you have given us some good menu items. Hope you like our blog, and thanks for the response.
      P.S. We are HUGE Airstream fans!!

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