How I Want to Die

Posted by Rebecca

I fully intend to live forever (so far so good); but if for some reason I don’t, I have no idea how I want to die.

But I do know how I do NOT want to die.  I do not want to die in any manner that compels the local newspaper to use the word “trailer” in my article or obituary.

A trailer’s worst enemies are public opinion, tornadoes, and fire.  We are working on public opinion.  And, so far, whew, no tornadoes touching down in Northern Nevada.  But fire – yikes!  As Smokey the Bear knows, fires can be bad, bad news.

That being said, I was horrified early last summer when Kara called me one morning to make sure I was still alive.  She had heard on the radio that a woman in her mid-thirties had died in a trailer fire during the night. 

I was SO offended!  First of all, a woman in her mid-thirties??  Well, I may be a woman, and I may just so happen to be in my mid (to late) thirties, but I am not a “woman in her mid-thirties.”  That just sounds soooo old!  And second of all, a trailer fire?  Never! 

Yes, I realize my ‘reasoning’ makes little sense to all of you, but in my mind it is crystal clear.  And, yes, I realize that I essentially live in an aluminum-encased book of matches, but I’m pretty sure that is why my 450 square foot book of matches comes with 18 windows, a back door, and a slider.  Lots of outs. 

And so I do take my precautions to prevent the dreaded article or obituary – I blow out all candles before bed time, I’m careful not to leave any fire-wielding appliances on for longer than necessary, I avoid bringing highly flammable substances, like Aqua-net, into my home, and, despite any stereotypes there may be for a woman in her mid-thirties who lives in a 1958 single-wide trailer, I have not, nor will I ever, take up smoking.  Because I know that is not how I want to die. 

And, like Smokey says, “Only YOU can prevent trailer fires.”

Rebecca Knabe

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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

4 thoughts on “How I Want to Die

  1. I grew up in a mobile home with aluminum wiring ( My parents were aware of the dangers and dutifully warned us kids that an electrical fire was a possibility. This naturally left me imagining the worst and provided fuel for nightmares of electrical fires. I don’t think smoke detectors were very popular back then, they probably would have contributed to some peace of mind and let me have nightmares about something else.

    In my late teens I moved out into a travel trailer parked next to the garage and funny enough, did almost set that on fire despite the lack of aluminum wiring. The extension cord that provided power wasn’t properly plugged in and the plug heated up enough to set the leaves that had blown under the trailer on fire. Fortunately I smelled smoke and managed to put out the smoldering pile of leaves in time to avoid damage.

    • Fortunately my electrician uncle spent about 6 weeks here last summer, handy-manning it up. He was impressed with my wiring, so hopefully an electrical fire is not likely.
      However, when it comes to extension cord misuse….
      Note, to self…. In the interest of the longevity of my trailer, keep Chris Cothrun out. ; )

  2. Yes Rebecca, it is a very scary thing to have a trailer fire. I don’t know if Tanille told you, but we had our furnace start on fire. Had to get a new one of course. But I ran and called 911, and Cary went and turned off the electricity at the breakers. Which the firemen said saved our home. He said people dont think to do that. They usely just run out of the home which is also smart. But Cary did this when we just smelled smoke not full blown fire. We were home and it just started.
    Well we also had a fire extg thing, ha, ha, you have to make sure those are full, you can get one at walmart should be replaced every year. a small one does not cost that much. should always have one easy to get to.
    Besides have you seen the firemen around here. What a way to go. lol

    • P.S. the fireman are not far away, they were here in less then 5 minutes. No kidding it was awsome. and very comforting. After that, Cary has tried to make sure no one parks in the fire lane at night in case of fire. Very importent.
      Plus they stayed for a bit and made sure the fire was out up above in attic ha ha very litte one, did not know I even had one, and they even went under my trailer and ck. They were awsome. They even went in the trailer and got spik out from under the bed.

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