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This morning I woke up mid-dream; dreaming of floor plans for trailers.  Let me explain.  Today was a huge day for us.  We have set a completion date for my father-in-law’s trailer of August first.

A quick re-cap:  James dad had a massive stroke in April and is in rehab learning to walk, talk, and function again.  He is making huge strides and getting antsy to get out.  We are re-modeling a trailer in our park for him to live in so that we can take care of him when he gets out.

So, being the organizer freak that I am, I pulled out my schedule book last week and everything is set to a deadline.  We are right on schedule and today was a huge accomplishment.    (Will provide pics in a day or so).

This is the great thing about trailers – with a little elbow grease, they can be an empty palate.  When we were looking for “the one” for us we found  5.   They were all completely different and were completely re-designed in my head down to the last detail after I had seen each one.  Some were 2 bedroom, a couple just one.  One was really new and seemed like a house without any vintage character at all, and for me that was depressing.

This was our criteria for our trailer:  A kitchen open to the living room.  A “great room” that everyone could hang out in.  A functional kitchen where we could cook together (it doesn’t happen often but when it does, it is memorable).  Lot’s of windows so that we didn’t feel like we were living in a drab box.  And it absolutely should not feel like we were living in a trailer at any point.  Well, mission accomplished.  Yay!

Mission for my father-in law’s trailer is:  He will possibly be in a wheelchair, so everything needs to be wheelchair accessible.  He loves to play cards with us, so he must have a table for cards.  He wants a super comfy recliner, so be it.  And the man seemed obsessed with doing laundry, so we built on a laundry room.  I want it to feel like home for him, so everything will be designed and decorated for a grumpy old man, not Tanille-style.  Sigh.  It has to still have my touch somewhere and it will!

So, for those out there mulling this over – living in a trailer that is – figure out what you want and what you need.  Most interior walls of trailers are not load-bearing (do not just take my word for this, have someone check it out before you start tearing out walls).  But from my experience you can pretty much tear out anything interior in a trailer and move it around and be just fine.    For instance check out the “before” floorplan of our trailer.

For a single, very thin person this layout would be fine.  But for us it didn’t quite work.  First of all, we weren’t  ready for bunk beds and the 18″ wide, very long hallway wasn’t ideal.  I don’t mind shimmying down the side of a trailer, but every day would get old.  Plus, I didn’t want to have to measure our guests to see if they could fit in the bathroom.  So here’s the after.

This layout gives us a nice sized bedroom, which was a must.  We removed the old furnace and use an electric fireplace for heating (which we plan on replacing with a propane stove this year) and we removed the huge water heater and replaced it with an instant water heater that is mounted outside.  That saved us 16 square feet.

For Manny’s (my father-in-law) trailer this is the plan.

Hopefully this will make him happy.  I did mention he’s a grumpy old man right?

-Tanille Leal

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