Me ‘N the Lawn

Posted by Rebecca

This week has been a rough trailer week, and it’s not over yet.

The swamp cooler is acting up, and while it’s not 100 degrees out like it was a couple of weeks ago, it’s still too hot to live without it.  Earlier in the week I visited Home Depot 4 times in 36 hours.  Boo.  And while, thanks to James (Tanille’s hubby), the bearings are all oiled up and happy again, the belt thingy (yes, the technical term is “belt thingy”) has a big ol’ crack in it and needs to be replaced.  I’m going to attempt that myself this weekend, so we will see how that goes.

Another battle this week is the growing ant population.  They love me!  And they are showing up in the weirdest places like the bathtub, the ceiling, my purse, and on my dinner plate.  Not droves of them, but here and there.  Constantly.  But I am more determined than they are, and I will win this battle, even if it (or the Raid fumes) kill me!

However, no battle is more daunting for me than the lawn.  Prior to this summer I have successfully avoided lawn mowing for over 3 decades.  My dad has been a profession gardener on-and-off for years, and has even written articles and books, and had TV and radio appearances on the subject.  In fact, I have a book he wrote on lawns on my book shelf, as we speak.  But that meant that growing up the garden was his sanctuary.  He was happy to keep me out of it, and I was just as relieved to stay out.  And between apartments, husbands, and lawn service, I’ve had the luxury of continuing to stay away from the lawn mower.

Well, I gave up my lawn guy this year, because I was determined to figure it out  for myself; nay, to fully conquer it!  And there are many things I have learned in the process of mowing my (approximately) 12×40 patch of paradise:

– Grass grows faster than  you would think

– No matter how determined you are to not look at it, it still grows and grows

– Mowing once every 3 weeks is not enough, unless you like the tops of the blades grazing your knees

– Dog poop can take on stealth chameleon-like grassy forms until you step on it

– Weeds are nearly as determined as ants

– It is baffling how very long it can take to mow a 12×40 lawn

– It takes tremendous coordination to hold the extension cord for the electric lawn mower in one hand and lift the garden hose with the other, all while navigating the mower

– It is very unwise to mow over tarps or plastic bags

– It is equally unwise to mow over rocks, bricks and sticks

– It is even more unwise to mow over cables, extension cords, power sources, or anything that may be channelling water

– It is the most unwise to mow over dog poop

– And I am allergic to grass

But with each mowing session I am learning.  I am stronger and wiser.  I am determined next year to continue life without lawn service.  I will not give in to zero landscaping, desert landscape, or decomposed granite.

And I am currently saving up for a 12×40 patch of glorious artificial lawn.

Rebecca Knabe

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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

9 thoughts on “Me ‘N the Lawn

  1. Happily after many years of trying, quite unsuccessfully, to grow a beautifil lawn and stop mowing various dangerous and unseemly items, I sold my mower on craigslist last week!!! Yippee! I am moving in to a rental in the being of August w/ a beautiful yard that the landlord will take care of! I love that landlord already!!! People always ask, “But you have a 19 year old son, why doesn’t he mow?” Well sad to say, he is allergic to grass. Yes I even took him to the allergist for confirmation. Poor kid, much sniffling and snotting and his eyes even just about swell shut around the stuff. Hmmm I wonder where he got those nasty grass allergies???? Oh yes, that would be from me, his mom….. wait what???? Who’s been mowing all these years….

  2. It is amazing what happens with a little water. Try to mow at least once a week, you will find it much easier. and more enjoyable. you will learn to love your lawn, if not the mowing part. lol

  3. I know this is an older post and you’ve likely solved your ant problem but just in case…I have lived in several tropical locals and discover two things. One…mop your floors and do the final swipe in bathrooms and kitchens with white vinegar– ants don’t like it. Two…the chalk line really works. Run a chalk line along widow sills and door jambs. If you can find their source feed them cornmeal. It’s an old Amish trick. Kills the whole colony!

    • Really? Cornmeal? Just plain ol’ cornmeal? I still get ants, but nothing like it was in the beginning. Now it’s just like a rogue scout here and there. But they get promptly squashed, the little jerks. 😉

      • Regular old cornmeal! My understanding is that they can’t digest it but don’t know that. They take it back, share with the colony and it kills them all. I know what a nightmare they are. I lived in a crappy little lean to in Key West and the ants were bold enough to crawl right in my plate…while I was eating!! Another trick is to sprinkle talc (baby powder) in your window tracks. They won’t or can’t walk through it. Its amazing how something so small can just be our undoing! LOL!

      • I know!! My first summer in the trailer I would have to practice mental exercizes so I didn’t FREAK OUT everytime they took over another area of my kitchen. Now I don’t freak. I’ve learned a few tricks too – they hate cinnamon, but it’s horrible to clean up. And just keeping a super tidy kitchen and floor does wonders. Also all of my pantry is either in zip lock bags or sealed containers. Whatever works!

      • Cinnamon! That’s brilliant. I use cinnamon in my girls small sand box to keep it from becoming the neighborhood littler box. LOL! Cayenne would work too but I have a feeling my daughters may also be deterred! I wanted to says also…I love the blog. I’m due to sign a lease on a double wide on Friday. I’m calling it my ‘experimental’ trailer as it is an effort to convince the husband that there is nothing wrong with these affordable little gems and we’d do right by our family with a trailer on a half acre. No mortgage! So thank you for sharing your adventure.

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