Small Space Ideas by Charlotte Ronson

Posted by Rebecca

I read a great little article this weekend in the March 2011 issue of Glamour magazine.  It gave some tips and inexpensive decorating ideas for small space living from fashion designer, Charlotte Ronson, who lives in a petit New York City apartment, and decorator, Lili Diallo, who has a new book for designs on any budget: Details: A Stylist’s Secrets to Creating Inspired Interiors""“.  (Boy, with plugs like that you’d think I was making a few bucks off of them.  Sigh!)

Here are their suggestions:

1. Think big, even in itty-bitty spaces.  Little apartment (or trailer)? Large art can open it up.  Ronson’s walls are lined with photos and posters.  “Finding inexpensive art can be challenging,” says Diallo.  “But eBay, galleries and websites like are a gold mine for affordable stuff.”

2. Strike a balance with your work stuff.  No matter what your field, it’s impossible for work not to creep into home.  To prevent it from taking over, keep things as uniform as possible.  Go for monochromatic notebooks and folders if yours tend to pile on your desk.  Then your personal stuff stands out.

3. Show off those pics!  We tend to live with our pictures on our computer or phone, but remind yourself to print yours out, she advises.  “They bring warmth to any home.”

4. Have fun with your bookshelves.  Like most of us, Ronson’s are a catchall for all her stuff: trinkets, random gifts, souvenirs.  To bring it all together, “first organize the books by sizes, then color.  When they’re randomly thrown together they look crazy,” says Diallo.  “And throw in an unexpected object.”  Something that is personal and YOU.

5.  Embrace color.  Ronson loves bold colors (such as bright pinks and reds).  Says, Diallo:  “When it comes to bright colors, add neutrals; Charlotte uses white.  It serves as a backdrop to the pink and keeps things from looking messy.”

6. Decorate with your jewelry.  When you don’t have room to put everything away, put it on display.  But don’t go overboard, cautions Diallo: “Edit your pieces, or your place could look like a flea market.”

7. Accept hand-me-downs!  There’s no cheaper way to decorate than with second-hand stuff (and every stylist does it).  Much of Ronson’s furniture is either vintage or from her mom.  Don’t be afraid to buy something at a garage sale and throw a coat of paint on it.

What do you think?  Great ideas?  Let us know if you decide to try any of these out.  I know I’m going to work on getting some photos framed….

Rebecca Knabe

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