Bedroom Re-do

Posted by Tanille

This month is all about my bedroom for me.  Everything is pretty much being redone –  some of it not by choice.  The part not by choice is my duvet cover that our new puppy, Chaos, chewed a large hole in last night.  I really liked that duvet cover, it was a cute cheery Ikea print.  Nothing super expensive or luxurious but it made me happy.

When James and I got married his towels and sheets didn’t make the cut.  They were mismatched and worn and typical bachelor style stuff.  Soon after we were married I splurged one day and bought pottery barn towels.  They felt wonderful!  I loved them but was a little nervous about how much I had spent.  He oohed and aahed and loved them.  Whew!  Over the years I have bought towel sets here and there and he hates them.  “Get the pottery barn towels”  he complains. So about every 5 years the pottery barn set starts to look ragged and I buy new ones.  And this year I also bought sheets.  Oh my.  I have created a pottery barn junkie.  

So this week when the sheets went to the laundry and I tried to put on the old average sheets it did not go over well.  “Why did you only buy one set?” was the response.  So this morning when I woke up to a ruined duvet cover I got the go-ahead to get my butt over to pottery barn and get a duvet cover.  I used to drool over Pottery Barn, It felt like Disneyland every time I went there.  My tastes have changed and now I enjoy things that aren’t so “cookie cutter”.  I’m a little ashamed of myself that my heart used to skip a beat when I would go into the store.  But I must say, the towels and sheets and everything for the bed is wonderful.  Like sleeping on a cloud – seriously.

So here is my new bed

So one struggle that we have had since moving into our small space is the bathroom.  We have always had 2 bathrooms and having only 1 has been quite a challenge.  Not only trying to get ready at the same time, but trying to put on makeup in a steamy bathroom was not fun.  So, I decided to put a vanity in the bedroom where I could get ready.  The problem was finding a vanity that would fit in a small space.  So I ended up finding an end table and a bench with storage.  And it works perfectly.

This weekend I am off to Ikea to get my closet and bed with storage.  That should complete my bedroom re-do, for now :).

-Tanille Leal

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