Manny’s Home Sweet Home

Posted by Tanille

Well Manny is finally getting settled and life seems to be calming down for us, at least today.  Not everything is done in his trailer but it’s definitely livable, he’s pretty comfortable, and we are taking the weekend off.  Enjoy the pics!

Kitchen Before.  Remember the Pepto – Pink!

Kitchen in the works. . .

Kitchen After

Bathroom Before

And after

Living Room Before

Getting There. . .


Bedroom Before

And After.  The painting didn’t get finished, but at the beginning of this day the room didn’t have drywall.

This was a challenge because I was decorating for someone else this time, and there are things that I would have liked to have done differently.  When I would ask him what he wanted in his new little house he didn’t get me much feedback. Except it had to be cheap, and his favorite color is brown.  Sooo. . . this is what he got and he’s actually happy with it.  It also had to be wheelchair accessible.  Normally I wouldn’t put all of the furniture against the walls, but I had no choice.  Once again, we were able to find a lot of materials from Habitat for Humanity and craigslist.  So overall, it was pretty cheap.

One More.  The outside before.

And After.

– Tanille Leal




6 thoughts on “Manny’s Home Sweet Home

  1. WOW! All I can say is wow – what amazing make overs these are indeed! I am totally inspired! Found you via your feature on Mobile Home Living. I am now following and look forward to your adventures!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can’t even believe what I’ve seen here today. Can.Not.Believe.It. I now have no excuse for renovating our newly acquired – ridiculously cheap – mobile home. I’m an interior design junkie. I thought I’ve seen it all. Until now. This home and the other one your posted (pepto pink) literally made my skin crawl just at the sight of them. The Pepto house, ewwww, I swear, the sticky grunge reached out and slapped me. Then there was just a white light and beauty. HOLY GUACAMOLE WOMAN…1) you’re absolutely nuts because I’m telling you I would have run *screaming* from these nightmares. 2) You’re absolutely brilliant. Period. End of story.

    • Haha! Your enthusiasm is great! Yes, all 3 trailers were a wreck, but a little vision and some elbow grease (and not really that much money) can make miracles happen. I love my no-longer-dumpy trailer! 😀

      • Wow. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see diy for the real world. I don’t know too many people in my rural area who can afford the ridiculous and unrealistic Better Homes and Gardens type of décor You have a rare gift.
        And holy cow those pink cabinets were hideous. The little white diamonds made them extra frightening. 😀

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