Just Do It (Yourself)

Posted by Rebecca

One of our favorite blogs (apartmenttherapy.com) posted a great little do-it-yourself project today. 

As we’ve said before, one of the essential rules to small space living is to make sure to take advantage of multipurpose furnishings.  For instance, in my living room, my coffee table is also a storage trunk, and a bench.  My side table is a collection of pretty wooden boxes that can also be used for storage.  In Tanille’s trailer, her bedside table doubles as her vanity.  You get the idea.

Well check out this great idea….  Not only is it a shelf/hook combo unit, it is recycling old items that may otherwise be discarded, and it’s really cool.  That being said, the total for the parts and pieces listed does come to $100, but I bet if you are willing to spend some time at yard sales, flea markets and junk stores you could put it together for way less.  Who knows, maybe you even have a pack-rat in the family that would be willing to part with some “treasures.” 

Make It Yourself: Free How-To from Salvage-Style Projects

I come from a legacy (on both sides) of pack-rats, but unfortunately none live close enough to rifle through their junk (ahem) gems on a regular basis.  I actually blame/credit my stupendous ability to quickly (and sometimes regretfully) part with my belongings on my hoarder heritage; which has become essential to my small-space, minimal-living lifestyle. 

Anyway… back on track… check out the article.  I think it’s a great idea that you could really make your own.  And just think how proud you will feel to show off a new, super chic, multipurpose thingamajig that you built.  Trust me – it’s a great feeling! 

Rebecca Knabe

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