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Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like a total loser?  Like you should have your stuff together by now, but you don’t?  That’s today.  Ugh!  Let me explain….

Remember Bonnie the Great?  Trailer park cheerleader, laundry superhero, and all-around cool chick?  (You can read about her here)  Well, a few weeks ago Bonnie broke the news to me that after a year of the best laundry situation I have ever had, she was going to have to stop her laundry service with me.  One of her kiddies seems to be allergic to dogs.  And because my pooch insists on getting her DNA on everything that I own, it means Bonnie’s son is allergic to my laundry. 

I had already decided long ago that laundromats make me die a little inside.  Actually a lot.  And with my hectic schedule the only time I would be able to do the laundromat thing would be in the evening.  But those places are scary after dark!  That’s the time of day when hoodlums and hooligans do their laundry.

So, I’ve been searching Craigslist for apartment size stackable washer and dryers.  But I have a super limited space in which to fit the appliances.  And everything I found was too deep.

In the meantime I’ve had this mountain of dirty laundry that is growing exponentially.  So I’ve had to swallow my pride and ask for help.  Ugh! 

Two weeks ago my ex-grandmother-in-law did a few loads for me.  (She is a total gem!)  Last week Kara did a load for me.  And this morning I dropped off another couple of loads with Tanille’s mom.  Although she did offer….

But talk about feeling like a total loser!  However, there is a silver lining….  I actually have in my possession a brand new (actually 3 years old, but who’s counting) washer/dryer combo thingy.  It’s one of those machines that you throw in a dirty load and the clothes come out clean and dry.  My friend Monica has told me that she doesn’t believe those types of appliances exist, and that my new magical voodoo machine creeps her out. 

But they do exist, and I bought one.  It fits perfectly, and I almost feel like an adult with my very own laundry room and everything.  I know you are probably wondering, if I have this new fandangled magic laundry machine, why did I drop my laundry off at Tanille’s mom’s this morning?….

Because in order for one to use their new laundry room like a real adult, you have to hook up the new machine to the water and the electricity and the drain.  And, sadly, I haven’t figured that part out yet.  Ugh!

But look, isn’t it pretty??

Rebecca Knabe

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