4,837 and Counting….

Posted by Rebecca

That’s how many views we’ve had on our little blog in the 4 months we’ve been blogging.  We’ve had great support from friends and family, and their friends and family, and many friends that we haven’t even met yet.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  From the bottom of our hearts.

To let you know how much we appreciate it, we are celebrating our upcoming 5,000th view with a big prize!!  Here’s how you can win:

Reply to this post (with your name and a comment, smiley face, funny joke, whatever) and the day we hit 5,000 views we will randomly (I promise) select a winner.  “What will I win?” you ask?  You will win a fabulous t-shirt (of your choice) from the amazing selection at our very favorite trailer-y store, Reno eNVy.

Check out their website here:  Reno eNVy

Like them on Facebook here:  Reno eNVy

And start daydreaming about how cool you are going to look in your new digs.  It’s what all the hip trailer folks are wearing these days!

Here are a couple designs available:


Rebecca Knabe




13 thoughts on “4,837 and Counting….

  1. oh yeah! I want the tee shirt. Can I win I have a trailer. Joke….. lets see. no can’t think of one but is’st that funny.

  2. Love your joy for life and awesome talent! Don’t pick me – I have too many t-shirts! But now I will go to the store and learn about the Reno Envy stuff I see everywhere…you gals are obviously on the cutting edge of cool! Hugs, Denise

  3. Hi Rebecca, missing you. I love even the words describing your blog posts, the “about trailerchics” caption. You are such a creative soul. Can’t wait to visit your abode someday…

  4. Congrats Ladies!! Hope your fame continues-love visiting your places-yes everyone-it really is as fab as the pics! Anyhow, if I don’t win the shirt, can I get a special visitor’s parking spot, so I don’t run over any other cement poles that are placed randomly to protect patches of grass here and there?!!

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmm what to comment on…………..the trailer……..the running(fish)……………….or that picture(#168)????? Well my hats off to you for all your accomplishments!!!! You’re one tough lady but I think your alright!!!!

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