No Big Deal

Posted by Rebecca

10 days ago I ran my very first half marathon.  No big deal.  Actually it was HUGE! 

My disdain for running began in grade seven when I earned the nickname “Fish” while running with my gym class.  It was the beginning of the school year, and the first run of the year.  I’m pretty sure the gym teacher (whose name alludes me, probably because I have permanently blocked it from my memory) was seeing if she could actually run us until we died.  Felt like it, anyway.  Half way through the ordeal my awkward pubescent legs attempted to tie themselves in a knot, and I fell face first in a mud puddle.  My teacher bellowed in her Drill Sargent manner, “Get up, Fish!  Keep running!”  The girls in my class giggled, I turned beet red, and decided from that moment on I hated running. 

The nickname stuck throughout the year, but I survived, and a paltry 25 years later, I’ve found myself running again.  Half marathons this time.  Not fast, not pretty, but running.  The whole 13.1 miles.  And that, my friends, is a HUGE deal! 

This continues to be a year (or two) of firsts for me:  First trailer, first renovation project, first half marathon.  And you know what I’ve learned?  Overcoming your fears is the only thing that’s going to get you through this life – whether it’s a fear of falling into a mud puddle, or admitting you live in a trailer park.  And let me tell you, learning to overcome your fears feels pretty, pretty good.


Me and Carly at the finish line.  Ready to sit!

Rebecca Knabe

P.S. We are going to be closing our contest this weekend, so if you would still like to enter to win a Reno eNVy t-shirt of your choice, comment on this post.  🙂


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Somehow I ended up in a single-wide trailer, in Reno, Nevada. And somehow I love it. Here is where I tell my story about my trailer, and my passion for small space living, photography, travelling, and running.

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