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I’m sure you know that fire and trailers are mortal enemies.  I’ve blogged before about my determination to not die by means of a trailer fire (here).  In addition to being highly flammable, however, trailers are notoriously poorly insulated.  Therefore I am equally determined to not die by freezing solid one night.  Some nights, like last night, though, that scenario seems fully possible.

The skirting insulation did help.  Not as much as I had hoped, but it probably added about 10 degrees of warmth.  Better than nothing.  I’ve also been working on sealing the place up.  I still need to cover the swamp cooler, and I plan on getting some heavier plastic to line a few of the windows.  Classy, I know.  But better than tin foil, or my uncle’s suggestion last winter to carpet the walls. 

Strategic placement of heaters is also key.  Believe it or not I do have a furnace, but it runs on propane and that gets pretty expensive.  So I’ve got two little electric oil heaters in my bedroom and bathroom, and this dish heater that can really pump out some heat, which I keep in the dining room.  However I can’t leave those on when I am not home.  My pup wears an “outfit” for warmth (yes, I’m one of those people) and I cover her with a blanket when I leave.  I’m worried that if I left a heater on she might knock some fabric or something flammable against the heater, and there we would be, back at the trailer fire scenario.

(Do you like her “outfit”?)

So a month or two ago I purchased this amazing little electric fireplace heater that really helps warm the place up.  It’s got a cabin-y wood-stove-look to it with cheesy glowing “embers” and rotating orange lights.  If you sit far enough away, don’t look at it directly, and squint just a bit, it may even look like a real wood stove.  But it’s cute, it adds an element of coziness to my tiny living room, and it’s warm.    Ahhhhhh! 

In fact, my neighbor, Tanille, was so impressed with my new fireplace, her and James bought one for their trailer.  And so maybe, just maybe, I won’t freeze solid this year.  Maybe I will make it through this winter after all. 

Rebecca Knabe


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