The Heart of Your Home

Posted by Rebecca

Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure"" is a great book for learning how to decorate, live in, and love your small space.  It has become a necessary reference and cheerleader for living in my tiny home.

My favorite tip that I have drawn from the book is paying attention to the “Heart” of your home.  It refers to the emotional life of your home – what gives  your home passion.  “Heart elements – color, shape, texture, and even scent – affect us immediately and consciously when we walk into a room.”  It adds comfort and beauty to our life.  Essential.

The easiest way to add heart to your home is with fresh-cut flowers.  “Buying fresh flowers each week is an affordable luxury that will instantly enliven and beautify your home….  As organic elements, flowers strengthen the bones and contribute to the breath of your [home] through humidifying and cleansing the air.  Through their color, shape, and smell they contribute a living beauty that enlivens the senses and invigorates our vision.”

When I started this ritual of fresh-cut flowers it felt extremely decadent and lavish.  It almost felt too extravagant.  But I realized that I could easily get a bunch to last 2 weeks, and depending on where I shop, the price tag is between $2.99 and $7.99.  Definitely affordable. 

So my recommendation to you is, adopt this ritual.  Find a way to set aside $6-14 per month, and buy a floral gift for your home every other week.  This is a form of nurturing your home, taking care of it, and giving it heart.  You won’t regret it, I promise.

Rebecca Knabe

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