How to live the dream for FREE

Posted by:  Tanille

As most of you know, we got our trailer for FREE.  Did not pay one penny for it.  Well, until the remodeling started, but that’s a different story.  We, like most, didn’t even know this was possible.  And we also found Manny’s trailer for FREE.

The only way I have figured out to find one completely free is to drive around and hunt for it.  There are a gazillion trailer parks in the Reno area, and in most of them sits a now neglected, but future gem.  Some are for sale, and still very inexpensive  (I know of one right now if anyone is seriously looking).  But occasionally a trailer has been sitting for so long that the owner or manager of the park can’t wait to just get rid of it (I know of one of those too if anyone is looking).   They are losing money because they can’t rent the trailer in the condition that it is in, and they want the space for a nicer trailer that will make their park look better.

You can also look on craigslist under free items, or trailers or mobile homes.  In the classified section of the paper there are often trailers going up for auction.  This is similar to a foreclosure auction.  The owner of the trailer didn’t pay rent on their space and the park owner took over ownership.  The minimum that you can buy these for is $2500.00 – still a rockin’ deal for an itty bitty home.

Keep in mind, if you find a trailer that has to be moved this will cost you.  If it’s small enough, like ours, all that would be needed is a moving permit, which costs a whopping $5.00 in Nevada.   But if it’s larger you may have some red tape to go through and you may have to hire a “professional”.   For more info on cost and what is involved you should contact the Personal Property Division of the city in which you live. If you are trying to move one to a different state, this will be even more red tape.  Especially in California, they have all sorts of rules.

We searched for ours for about 2 months.  It takes a little while sometimes.  But like my dad always says, “There’s a new deal out there every day,” so don’t give up.


You too can live the trailer life dream.

-Tanille Leal

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