A Touch of Class

Posted by Rebecca

You know how when you are camping, or especially when you are backpacking, your entire existence revolves around food and fires?  You spend your whole day building a fire, stoking the fire, getting wood for the fire, moving away from the smoke of the fire, trying to get the fire to go out so you can go to bed…; and preparing food, discussing food, chopping food, eating, lots of eating, cleaning up the food, putting the food away, and, if you’re like me, spending the entire night wondering if you did a good enough job of cleaning up and putting away because you’re pretty sure you just, GASP!, heard a bear!

Well it’s with that same kind of obsession and intensity that I have spent this winter trying to stay warm without breaking the bank.  Not easy since Reno is seeing one cold and dry winter so far.  I’ve been using more propane and electricity than I should.  And I’m still not warm.  I think about it, I dream about it, I talk about it – a lot.  I’m sure my friends are sick of hearing it.  But they get it and have responded with gifts in the form of blankets, robes and cozy pajamas.  I love my friends!

So this week I embarked on yet another endeavor to warm this place up.  I bought insulating plastic and a giant roll of duct tape, and went to town with the windows.  Have I mentioned that I have 18 windows in this place?…  That’s a lot of plastic and duct tape.  I am seriously adding a touch of class to this little trailer! 

Is it working?  Maybe.  I did have to watch a movie last night while wearing a toque (that’s a beanie to you American’s), but I also didn’t freeze solid.  And although the outside temperature dipped down to 11 degrees fahrenheit, the inside of my home maintained a balmy 60 degrees.  And this final attempt at insulation has to work because I’m out of ideas, short of carpeting the walls.  And unless you are Elvis, that is a tough decorating move to pull off.

I know I will get through this cold winter.  The days just started getting longer.  I know spring will be here soon.  Followed by another hot summer.  I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the whole thing.  Besides, I’m pretty sure the cold builds character.  And who can’t help but smile during these sunny (although frigid) winter days?

And speaking of smiling, it made me pretty happy to find a reason to pull out my zebra-print duct tape.  Because, in case you hadn’t heard, animal print is really in right now….

Rebecca Knabe


One thought on “A Touch of Class

  1. Rebecca it is so freezing this winter. Even unfortunite people who don’t live in trailers like us, are freezing. So don’t feel bad. I heat with oil and am buying it every 5 days. I do love the sunshine, but I think the snow we usely have is an insolater. Did not think I would ever miss snow, but I think it would warm it up.

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