Home Goals for 2012

Posted by Rebecca

For many folks a new year means new goals and a chance to become the best YOU ever; whether it’s swearing off cake and french fries, killing yourself at the gym, or finally, for once and for all, forgetting that your first boyfriend told you your neck was too wide and learning to love your (admittedly wide) neck anyway.

So we eat well for a week or two, we get to the gym a couple of times, and we attempt to awkwardly stretch and contort our necks, convinced that it looks longer and more slender that way.

But what about our home?  Maybe if we turned our focus from ourselves to where we lay our head, we would finally be happy.  Maybe if we had a place that we loved, and was comfortable, and was super stylish and the envy of everyone we know, everything would be perfect.  Or maybe what we really need to do is fix the things that are vital for our happiness for our well-being, and learn to accept the rest.  Besides, whether it’s us or our homes, the “rest” is probably not as bad as we think.

Thanks to Apartment Therapy, here are some great tips on learning to love your home in 2012:

– Prioritize your improvements.  You can’t do everything at once, so figure out what is most important to you.

– Get estimates and dream big for the long-term fixes, in order to make reachable goals. 

– Look for the positives.

– Focus on small and inexpensive improvements to make some impactful changes.

– Ignore the naysayers.

– Don’t compare yourself (or your house/apartment/trailer) to others.

– Don’t apologize for your home not being perfect.

– Remember that slow and steady wins the race – don’t kill yourself trying to get it all done.

– But, wait!  There is no finish line.  (Wouldn’t we be a little bored if our place was totally perfect already?)

Read the full article here, and resolve to find ways to love yourself and your home this year.  Maybe this will be the best year yet!

 Rebecca Knabe


One thought on “Home Goals for 2012

  1. I so agree. This is my 4 th year to be in my little trailer and still have little projects to complete and now want to repaint. Going to be a great year

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