A Box of Fun!

Posted by Rebecca

I am the first to throw out the “White Trash” label when referring to myself.  No, I don’t think I’m white trash, but I know that occasionally I will be mistaken for white trash for the simple fact that I live in a trailer park.  However, I don’t have a Confederate flag; I have all my teeth; there are no ‘yard cars,’ chickens, or dirty children on my property; I don’t have a mullet, a fondness for Nascar, or a gun; and I’m not into huntin’, muddin’, noodlin’, smokin’, or ungodly quantities of fast food. 

Yet, there is one aspect of my life that is a little trashy….  My penchant for box wine.  There is nothing quite like peeling open a $15 box of chard or cab sauv that makes me feel like a wise and frugal princess. 

Growing up, box wine was for people who weren’t into wine, but felt it necessary to make it available for guests.  So their box of Franzia sat in the pantry, usually for months at a time, waiting for some sorry sap to say, when offered, “Oh yes please, I’d love a glass of burgundy.”  Yuck.

Fast-forward 20 years and much to my delight there are some great labels out there – box wine is no longer as shameful as it once was.  In fact, Forbes stated last year in an on-line article, “Stereotypes exist for a reason. Mainly, they are rooted in some level of truthiness: However, here’s a bit of stereotypical truthiness that is no longer valid.  Box wines don’t suck.”

And they really don’t suck.  Labels like Black Box, Pepperwood Grove and Wine Cube, produce some pretty quaffable boxes of wine that can be found at many ‘foodie’ grocery and boozy stores like Whole Foods, World Market, or Total Wine.  And there are now many other tempting varietals available besides good ol’ “pink” wine.

Besides being gleefully affordable, these wines come in 4-bottle-size boxes that hold a plastic bladder which is able to prevent oxidation or any cork taint.  For someone like me, who lives alone (the dog quit drinking years ago) and doesn’t feel the need to polish off an entire bottle in one night (at least not usually), a box of wine in the cupboard or fridge is a great little filling station with no worry of the remaining wine going vinegar-y or weird.  Genius!  And Forbes agrees:  “Convenient packaging and shelf-life, along with high quality varietal wine and vintage dating, re-igniting the possibility that schlepping box wine home from the store didn’t require a pair of sunglasses, a downward gaze and a preconceived caveat.”

If you haven’t tried the new and improved box wine, do!  It can also be a great way to simplify and go green.  In short thedailygreen.com put it this way, “You can transport more boxed wine with less fuel because cardboard boxes are lighter than glass bottles, and because you can stack more square boxes with less wasted space in the same truck. Boxed wine packaging amounts to just 4% of its total weight, compared to 70% for traditional bottles. That all adds up to a smaller carbon footprint.”

With that kind of economically and environmentally savvy reasoning, I know I can’t possibly be white trash; but it’s still a fun and seemingly appropriate moniker to place on myself when I’m in the trailer park, lounging on the deck, pouring myself a nice glass of wine right out of the chilled cardboard box.

A glass of cabernet, fresh flowers, a delightful puzzle….  Trashy?  Hardly.

Rebecca Knabe


2 thoughts on “A Box of Fun!

  1. lol I agree, although I forgot this. My hubby has not been sharing in my wine evenings, so I have a bottle of wine on my countier for more then 3 days, and it just does not have that wonderful taste anymore. I will have to see about a box. Or pop over and see if you have a glass for me. lol thanks for the reminder.

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