Buckingham Palace, Tradesman’s Entrance

Posted by Rebecca

It’s funny the things you remember.  I moved out of my childhood home more than 21 years ago, but I still remember the plaque my dad posted on our back door with the words:  Buckingham Palace, Tradesman’s Entrance. 

The door to your home is the barrier between the world you have created and the world that you haven’t.  If home is where the heart is, the entrance to it is the landing pad of your thoughts, inspirations, dreams and comfort.  It’s important to feel welcomed by your home, and the front door is what gives the first impression. 

All that being said, my front door situation is a bummer.

When I first moved into the pink trailer, the entryway drove me nuts.  I have a slider which is technically the front door, as it’s closest to the front of the trailer, and the first entrance that you stumble upon; but rather than it being locked with a key, it’s locked with a stick.  Classy.  I can use it to let others in, or let the pup in and out, but I have to enter through the back door if my home is locked.  And the back door spits you directly into my bedroom.

I had gotten over it, though.  I no longer thought about my awkward entryway, leading into my serene bedroom.  My quirky, inefficient front door/slider, with its high-security stick and remnants of several attempts of insulating plastic stuck to the window no longer bothered me, or even came to mind.

Forgotten, that is, until February 9th.  You see, I have this app on my iPhone that is called Instagram.  It’s a photo-sharing site, and I am doing this February challenge thing, that invites one to post pictures of a particular subject on each day in the month.  February 9th was Front Door day.  Back to square one. 

My actual front door is a single pane slider, so this time of year is usually covered in frost or condensation in the morning.  My actual back door is scarred, and suffers from a previous attempt to insert a doggie-door into it.  And because trailers are made from unknown and unusual materials, the doggie-door attempt left the back door cracked and mangled.  Sigh. 

So now the wheels are turning once again for a solution to my door dilemma.  Maybe someday my little trailer won’t have what appears to be less of an entryway and more of a tradesman’s entrance.

This is my front door/slider.  It looks really pretty in the summer with the pots teeming with flowers.

This is my back door, but my usual entry.  Notice the professional job done on the doggie-door.  😉

This is inside my livingroom, looking out, and the picture I posted on Front Door day on Instagram.  If you have that app, and want to follow me, I’m @rebeccaknabe (I know, very creative).

Rebecca Knabe


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