Beware of Dog

Posted by Rebecca

I have solidified my trailer park status today.  I posted my very own “Beware of Dog” sign on my front gate.

Anyone who knows Cassi would chuckle to see this sign.  At the vet yesterday, the doctor and staff cooed about how sweet she is; so much lovelier than other Ridgebacks; such a gentle disposition.  And it’s all true. 

However, Cassi does have a fiercely protective side.  I’ve seen it a few times in the 10 1/2 years we have been together.  Once was during a couple-month bout I had with chronic migraines in 2002.  My then-husband’s friend was visiting and he came into my bedroom to say ‘hi.’  Cassi perched herself between the two of us the entire time he was there, not taking her eyes off of him.  Another time was when Cassi was just a puppy.  I was walking her in my rural Oregon neighborhood and a nasty dog backed us into the entryway of a vacated house.  Cassi stayed between that mean dog and I, barking, growling and bearing her teeth until I was able to flag down some help.  A third time, I was getting ready for work while a heating and air guy was doing repairs.  He stepped into the garage to check something and Cassi wouldn’t let him back in the house.  He had to stand there and yell for me to ‘come get my dog.’

That being said, though, I’ve never had the need for a “Beware of Dog” sign.  Well, until now.  Cassi’s precarious gastrointestinal issues (which remain undiagnosed even after her appointment yesterday) have left me with no choice but to leave her outside.  I’ve been worrying that some unsuspecting solicitor, utilities man, or friend may open the gate and surprise her – getting, of course, a mutual surprise in return.  And while her bark is bigger than her bite, her bark is scary and deep and loud.  But my biggest fear is that the unsuspecting individual would accidentally leave the gate open, and Cassi would spend the rest of the day trolling the neighborhood for snacks and sandwiches.

So up went the sign today, with all its unspoken threat and menace.  It’s just not worth the worry of her getting out of the yard.  And I’m sure it helps keep the riff-raff out.  Besides, I think it suits the ol’ pink trailer, don’t you?

Rebecca Knabe


3 thoughts on “Beware of Dog

  1. My dog gets gastrointestinal problems on occasion as the vet told us she may have IBS but the only way to know for sure is a biopsy of the bowels. I said no…so the vet put her on a special food for these issues. I hope Miss. Cassi feels better soon. Love the blog! Love the small home lifestyle….more people should try it.

    • Thanks, Stacy. They wanted to do x-rays and an ultrasound of her colon zone to make sure it’s not cancer. But I’m not going to do that. She’s on some fancy gourmet prescription food now, so hopefully that will help.
      And thank you and I agree…. The small space life is the only way to go!! 🙂

  2. Very smart idea. Now people are so warned.
    I had a lab once, who would lick you to death. But one day on a walk, [I always took her off the leash, when on a back road]. But this one day she was doing her thing chasing a bunch of quail down the imbankment. Well… Along come a bike rider and his boxer [also not on a leash]. My sweet Lab. came flying up that imbankment soo fast and grab that boxer by the neck had him on the ground. The man was yelling at me to get my dog. I was in such shock, and did not know what to do. So he got off his bike and grabed my dog by the back of the neck and pulled her off. I was so upset I grab my dog put her on the leash and ran her all the way home.
    I get home, and tell my husband what happened, with a smug smile on his face he said “Holly took down a boxer, Wow”. He praised her all night. MEN! That was a proud father that night. and still an upset Mom. I had to be more cautious from then on. So its good you put up the sign.

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