Disaster Averted

Posted by Rebecca

Last night I was reminded of one of the best parts of my simple, small life: my neighbors and I are in this together.  There is a real sense of community in my little trailer park, as we all strive for the same thing.  Most of us ended up there because of less than stellar financial, personal, or health-related dilemas, and we are each others’ cheerleaders, commisserating on the difficulties of trailer life, while reminding each other of all the awesome benefits.

Wednesday night I came home to a horrible smell in my house.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that the stench was propane.  Not just a little propane, but an immediate headache-inducing quantity of propane.  Not good!

Tanille’s husband, James, and dad, Cary, came over to take a look, but figured that I had left a burner on just slightly.  However, Thursday morning when the smell was back I knew I had a legitimate problem. 

So last night, Cary and Tanille’s mom, Rebecca, came over to see what they could find and offer moral support.  I had turned off the propane from the tank before I left for work in the morning – last thing I needed was a “Your trailer just exploded and set the whole neighborhood on fire” text, so it was the only sensible option.  We turned it back on last night and were able to isolate the leak – somewhere on the right side of the stove.

The propane was left on long enough to heat the water in my hot water tank, and then turned off again so as not to asphyxiate Cassi and I in the night.  The water stayed warmish until this morning when I showered, and now I await a call from Cary and Rebecca’s propane-fixer-guy friend.  Whew!  It’s the weekend so I can shower elsewhere if I have to and just use the microwave to make food, but hopefully this problem will be remedied soon.

But my point is this….  I was ready to Freak. Out! yesterday morning.  Any house issue that involves electricution or spontaneous combustion puts me into immediate panic.  All I wanted to do was stick my head in the sand and cry, but that wasn’t an option – I didn’t have any sand.  So I texted friends until someone could help, and Cary and Rebecca came to my rescue.  And they brought wine.  Yay for awesome neighbors!  Yay for my wonderful little community!  And yay for friends who really care!  🙂

Rebecca Knabe


One thought on “Disaster Averted

  1. yeh, but I drank half of it, lol. Sorry u are still having a problem. Wish we could of been more help. [Besides the wine of course. I know that helped. didn’t hurt.] I know you had it capped off, but we still think u need a shut off valve. these old trailers did not come with them. we all have added them. you should to. That front trailer is going to be auctioned off on Sat. if you have anyone who wants to live there.

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