Learning to Live Without

Posted by Rebecca

When one downsizes considerably, one must learn to live without.  There are obvious ‘withouts’ like space and belongings.  And then there are less obvious ‘withouts’ like conveniences.

Ever since I made the pink trailer my home, nearly 2 years ago, I have gone through periods of living without some modern conveniences that most folks take for granted.  For instance – a dishwasher.  At one time I thought I would look for a mini dishwasher that I could install on the end of my section of countertop in the kitchen.  But I decided that I’m not willing to give up the space, and I don’t really mind doing dishes.

For my first year and a half in the trailer I didn’t have a washer or dryer.  It was mostly remedied when my neighbor offered laundry services once a week for a small fee.  And while I loved not doing my own laundry, it was inconvenient at times.  I can’t even imagine how I would have survived my dog’s 2 month bout of stomach issues without the handy-dandy washer-dryer-combo number that I installed last autumn. 

I lived without an oven for about 6 months.  The tube-thingy (I clearly know my oven terminology) that took the propane from the flame area to the lighting area corroded so badly that it literally disintegrated.  It was beyond repair, but a friend showed me how to light my oven directly in the flame area.  Super convenient?  No, but it works.  And I am grateful.

Recently I lived without hot water for 5 days.  My oven and stove were also out of commission because of a propane leak, so the only way I could heat water was in the microwave.  A brilliant excuse to not do dishes, yes, but I had to take showers at my friends’ houses and at the gym. 

 (This is an iceberg lake in Iceland, and showering without any hot water felt a lot like this.)

And now I am learning to live without a stove.  The propane leak is in the stove.  It seems that one of the knobs is not turning all the way off and so the propane is actually leaking out of the burner.  In order to get hot water back, the gas pipe to the stove was capped off, and, voila, no more leak, but no more stove.  Three very concerned individuals advised me to replace the stove, rather than attempt to repair it, because it’s a pink trailer original and was created in 1958.  Until then I’m becoming an expert microwaver and raw food enthusiast.

Living without is not the end of the world.  It’s inconvenient, but it’s manageable.  And if living without is the price I have to pay for a simple life, then count me in, because this simple life thing is really growing on me.  🙂

Rebecca Knabe


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