Eastcoast Trip, Day 3

Posted by Rebecca

Day 3 started with a GPS foible courtesy of yours truly.  It took an hour and a half to travel the usual 30 minutes to the city.  I missed the turn on to the freeway, so we wound our way through the lovely towns of rural Massachusetts, and took the longest route possible to get from point A to point B.  But it was a treat to see the state.  I can reasonably say I’ve ‘done’ Massachusetts, which is nice since it was my birthplace and home for the first 2 years of my life.

We finally made it to our brunch destination – a fantastic French brasserie.  Liam ate everything he could manage, carb loading for tomorrow’s big race.

Next challenge – parking in downtown Boston.  We had rented a large Ford Excursion, and clearance was tricky.  But we found an open lot and set out for some sight-seeing.  A couple of Liam’s friends from the University of British Columbia were also in town for the marathon, so we met up with them to survey some of the historical sights found on the Freedom Trail, a walking tour which winds its way through downtown Boston.  We made a stop at Faneuil Hall to take in some touristy entertainment in the form of a great street performer, and to find more food for the runners.

Mid-afternoon I took the T to the airport to pick up my friend, John, who was flying down from Jamestown, NY to spend the rest of the trip with my family and I.  We found each other in the airport T station, managed to find my aunt and uncle again who were relaxing at a nearby Starbucks, found the car to drop off John’s luggage, and were also able to find Liam, Winston and Carl, shortly before making our way to the pre-marathon dinner.

Dinner was carb-heavy and featured the Samuel Adam’s 26.2 special brew, made every year at this time, named for the number of miles in a marathon.  Boxes and boxes of spaghetti were available for the taking at the conclusion of the meal, and although everyone in our group was flying home, they ignored my mockery and loaded up their arms with pasta.  My family just can’t say no to a freebie.  And while I’m usually of the same mindset, I didn’t want to make my luggage any heavier than it already was for a couple of $1.49 boxes of spaghetti.

To bed early, at an attempt for everyone (really just Liam) to be refreshed for the race.  Tomorrow – Marathon Monday!

Rebecca Knabe


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