Eastcoast Trip – Days 5 & 6

Posted by Rebecca

Tuesday morning we checked out of the hotel and hit the road for Wallkill, NY, where my Uncle Harlin and Auntie Norma live.  It’s the location of Watchtower Farm, the main printery for Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States.  My aunt and uncle have been residents there for many years.

We took the whole day to make the 250 mile drive, stopping here and there for food and shopping.  Liam worked slowly on a hat he is knitting for me, insisting that, “Everyone in Svalbard knits!”  We also had a mid-trip chocolate tasting which included some chocolate that Liam brought from Norway, and some other European and North American brands.  (In case you are wondering, Lindt won, hands down, and Hershey was THE. WORST!) 

We kept ourselves entertained, so much so that we didn’t arrive in Wallkill until after 9pm.

The next day we had lunch at Watchtower Farm, then my Uncle Harlin gave us a tour of the printery.  Next the driving tour of the property, which includes an orchard and vineyard, a beautiful picnic area alongside a stream, a beef farm (poor cows), a serene graveyard where the residents are buried, and a number of beautiful buildings surrounded by carefully landscaped gardens.

The beauty, organization, and peace of Watchtower Farm is refreshing.

We finished off the evening with a competitive round of dice – my favorite.  I think I even won a game…. 

It was a quick trip to Wallkill, but it was a great reunion, and I love to visit when I have the chance.

Rebecca Knabe


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