Eastcoast Trip – Day 7

Posted by Rebecca

Remember the movie Mystic Pizza?  It was Julia Robert’s first big role, and a coming of age movie about 3 teenagers who work at a pizza parlor in Mystic, Connecticut.  Well, unbeknownst to us, Mystic, CT is quite a scenic little town. 

We left Wallkill after lunch, making our way along the Connecticut coast.  A helpful lady had suggested earlier in the day that we spend the night in Mystic, and we’re glad we did.  It’s a picturesque town on the sea, full of little boutiques, fresh seafood, and a bit of history.  We checked in to The Whalers Inn, and set out for a stroll through the town.  The ocean air was brisk; calming and energizing all at once. 

It was our last evening as our gang of 5, and it was just as fun as all the nights preceding it.  We had a wonderful dinner and did a second chocolate tasting; again Lindt was champion.  I fell asleep that night – mid-conversation, fully clothed, on top of the covers – with everyone in the room, surrounded by love and friendship and family.  It was just right.

Rebecca Knabe


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