Eastcoast Trip – Day 8

Posted by Rebecca

Friday morning we left Mystic, CT, drove through Rhode Island and on into Boston.  It was time for good-byes.  First to go was Liam.  He lugged his enormous suitcase onto the scale and held his breath.  73 pounds.  The overage fee was $200, so he opted to shed some weight instead.  Seven boxes of spaghetti were removed (from his looting at the pre-marathon dinner) and given to happy recipients working at the airline counter.  Minus the spaghetti, his sandals stuffed in his carry-on, and his stockpile of candy and Norwegian brown cheese given to me, Liam’s bag was condensed to 50 pounds and approved for departure.

Juliet lamented to Romeo that “parting is such sweet sorrow.”  And while always true in romantic relationships, saying good-bye to my baby brother invariably brings me to tears.  Because of our age difference, and our mom’s death at such a young age (I was 15 and Liam was 8 months old), my brother and I haven’t lived together since he was a year and a half.  And ever since, we have rarely lived in the same country, let alone the same town.  So I succumbed to my heap of tears as we hugged and said good-bye. 

The emotion continued as I hugged Uncle Vern and Auntie Doreen good-bye at the next terminal. 

And then there were two.

It was early afternoon, and John and I weren’t scheduled to fly to Buffalo until 8pm, so we hopped on the T and spent the rest of the afternoon in Boston.  We meandered through the streets of Beacon Hill, stopping for a Thai lunch, Italian gelato, and later relaxing in Boston Common.

Cara met us for a drink after work.  She found a busy little restaurant, nestled in a back alley just a few blocks from her office.  We noshed on truffle oil and parmesan french fries, and drank flapper inspired cocktails, and caught up one last time before the flight out of the city.

I’m not a good flyer, as I’ve said before, but better with a bit of booze under my belt.  The flight from Boston to Buffalo was easy, not too bumpy despite the rinky-dink plane.  I should have been exhausted – travelling 4 states in one day and emotional farewells – but I felt good.  Excited to visit John’s hometown, Jamestown, NY.

Rebecca Knabe


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