Eastcoast Trip – Days 9 & 10

Posted by Rebecca

The final weekend of my trip was spent in Jamestown, NY.  It’s a town of about 30,000 people, situated about an hour from Buffalo on the shores of Lake Chautauqua.  There are several little towns clustered together on the south end of the lake, increasing the population to probably 70 or 80 thousand. 

Summer is the time to visit the area, with warm, sunny days and lots of activity on the lake.  One community, Chautauqua Institute, boasts approximately 170,000 visitors from June to August.  It’s a beautiful neighborhood full of opulent homes, ranging in size from modest cabins to elaborate mansions.  There are halls, plazas, and amphitheaters that bustle with activity in the summer months.  We were able to drive around the area, viewing the immaculate homes and historical buildings.  It was lovely.

The majority of my touring the area was done by car, as it rained and rained and rained while I was there.  Jamestown and its surrounds are very pretty, with rolling green hills, historical houses, and brick streets dotted here and there.  I stayed with John’s mom for the weekend.  Her house, a pale green two-storey, with carved scrolling white trim, was built in 1895. 

When we weren’t on a driving tour we were eating and eating.  And eating!  John’s mom is a tiny Sicilian woman who creates delectable feasts out of simple ingredients like dandelion leaves and lentils and homemade ricotta cheese. 

I really enjoyed my stay in Jamestown.  Everyone I met was very welcoming.  As we watched the news on Sunday night a severe winter storm was to move in on Buffalo in the next few hours.  I kept my fingers crossed, hoping I would be snowed in for day, and would have an excuse to stay a little longer.  But I missed the storm.  My flight departed at 6am Monday morning, and the storm arrived a few hours later.  I will have to come again to see the lake and its towns during a busier and sunnier time of year.  (Oh yeah, and to visit this guy….)

Seven hours later I was exhausted, but I was home; full of happy memories of my great vacation.  It was 85 degrees outside and 93 inside the pink trailer.  Time to get the swamp cooler dusted off and functioning again for another hot, dry Nevada summer.

Rebecca Knabe


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