New Neighbors

Posted by Rebecca

My friends, Trevor and Clarice, recently moved into the trailer park, or ‘trailer court’ as Trevor likes to call it.

Jay and Bonnie, who used to be neighbors, moved to the other side of the planet a couple of months ago, leaving behind a fantastic trailer.  Brazilian cherry floors, copper kitchen back-splash, black lacquered cabinets, and a (gasp!) loft, with a (what??) vaulted ceiling, and a (no way!!) ceiling fan, that doesn’t even hit you in the head when you stand up.  It’s a trailer that trailer dreams are made of.  And Trevor and Clarice are the fortunate folks who have moved in, in Jay and Bonnie’s absence.

And so our schedules finally coordinated and we made dinner plans.

It was great.  A pleasant evening of listening to Trevor’s vinyl collection while enjoying champagne, homemade tortillas, grilled veggies, and rice and beans.

Rebecca Knabe


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