Tomatoes and Chives and Other Green Things

Posted by Rebecca

I’m growing stuff.  It’s very exciting!

Two years ago I bought some tomato seeds and Jiffy pellets for planting.  But for two years I have waited too long and missed my chance.  So last week I followed the directions and planted the seeds, and guess what??  They are growing!

This probably isn’t an amazing feat for most – like my dad, who works magic in the garden.  When I was growing up we always had fresh produce in the summer, and armfuls of blooms all over the house.  It was lovely.  The only things I can successfully grow are dandelions and crab grass.  Well, until now!  Because I’m growing tomatoes.

And I’m growing herbs.  I had an impulse buy at Lowe’s recently.  Right next to the check-out were these herb kits with cute galvanized pots, soil and seeds, all in one.  I was still on my tomato high, so I plunked down the $6.98 (big spender) and bought it.  And guess what??  They are growing too!

So now I’ve got a mini kitchen garden with tomatoes and chives and some other green things – probably basil or oregano, I don’t remember.  The third herb in the kit – parsley, I think – hasn’t sprouted yet, but I haven’t given up hope.  I keeping my fingers crossed, and my toes and arms and legs, because I have a feeling this growing thing is going to work out just fine.

If I get some tomatoes I’ll be making my favorite salsa recipe.  It was shared with me by my friend, Amber, and now I’m sharing it with you….

The Best Salsa Ever!

About 8 Garden Fresh Tomatoes

2 Bunches of Cilantro

Half an Onion (I use just a bit of onion powder instead because I’m allergic to raw onions)

Jalapenos (I use about 7 to make a spicy salsa – adjust to your taste)

One 28oz. Can of Plain Tomato Sauce

Salt to Taste.

Chop tomatoes, jalapenos and half-onion in half.  Add half of all ingredients to the blender.  (there were way too many “half”s just then)  Blend first batch, then second batch.  I dump both batches into a bowl, mix, and check if I need more salt.  Yeah, that’s it.  It lasts about a week in the fridge, if you can manage to keep it around that long.  Enjoy!!

Rebecca Knabe


2 thoughts on “Tomatoes and Chives and Other Green Things

  1. You should be able to grow basil easily; it’s basically a weed. I’ve actually tried to kill basil. If you forget to water it for a week and it dies- that’s ok. Start watering it and it will come back to life within 24 hours.

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