Rare Sightings

Posted by Rebecca

Yesterday consisted of a couple of rare events – me doing yard work, and a total solar eclipse.  Saturday I bought some flowers, mostly for pots, a shrub and some wildflower seeds.  And so yesterday I yanked weeds, dug holes and planted until I was filthy and my hands ached.  It was hard work, but I’m pleased that my yard is on its way to pretty.

Snap dragons and the shrub.  Behind the shrub is where I tossed the wildflower seeds.  My hope is that they are hardy enough to withstand Cassi standing on them on a daily basis.  For some reason that’s her favorite place to stand in the yard.  She doesn’t lay down, she just stands there.

Three pots that are lining the patio.  To the right of them is more of the wildflower area.  And one of my fancy pink flamingos.

The deck, with hydrangeas, snap dragons and lobelia.

A closer look….  I’ve had that big clay pot for a few years – from Ikea – as well as that silver thing underneath, which is on wheels.  It makes handling those big, heavy pots a lot easier.

The deck is done.  I love it!!

Solar eclipse viewing rule #1 – get some fancy viewing glasses, even if it means you have to pay a sci-fi nerd scalper 4x the original price.

Solar eclipse viewing rule #2 – make sure you look extra nice for this rare treat.  Makeup on (check), hair in place (never looked better), an outfit appropriate for the celestial glory (you betcha).

Solar eclipse viewing rule #3 – hope and pray the clouds move out of the way.  And you know what?  They did.  Just in time.  🙂

You can actually see the reflection of the eclipse in that pink splotch on the photo.  I’m not sure how my camera did that, but it’s really cool.  This is the only picture I took that shows the mirror image of the sun, and it’s just at the start of the eclipse.  But I was able to watch the whole thing from the trailer park, with James and Tanille and some other friends.   It certainly was a rare sighting, and it won’t be visible again in Northern Nevada until 2045.

Unfortunately, the other rare sight – me working in the yard – will likely have to happen again much sooner than that.

Rebecca Knabe


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