Over 10,000 and Counting….

Posted by Rebecca

Yesterday was a big day for our blog.  We received more views in a single day than ever before, and passed the 10,000 total views mark.  Thanks, in part, to a little website called Mobile Home Living.  It’s a great site that features inspiration and how-to’s, showcases some really cute trailers and mobile homes, and offers insight on how to make small space living work.

Crystal, the founder of the site, found our blog on The Nate Berkus Show‘s website.  Remember, way back when (just last year, actually), James and Tanille were flown to New York to appear in the House Proud portion of his show?  Well, Crystal found our blog through that article, linked it to her website, and the views keep coming in.

We had a brief Facebook and email exchange, which she signed off saying, “Us trailer girls gotta stick together.”  And those words ring so true.

It’s not an easy decision to move into a trailer park.  Often the neighbors are the worst part.  True, many parks are filled with fixed income older folks, families who have had financial challenges, and individuals who don’t see the need to spend more than they have to on a home; all of which can be fantastic neighbors.  However, addicts and welfare abusers are also usually par for the course.  It’s not uncommon to see old, rotten couches, toilets used as planters, piles of cigarette butts, or an ungodly amount of cats on the property.  This can be hard to swallow, especially if you take pride in your home and surroundings.

But I think times are changing.  The economy isn’t bouncing back quickly, and may never be as robust, even over-inflated, as it once was.  This means we, as a society, have to learn how to live on less and with less.  It does not mean, however, that what we have needs to be dirty and unkempt, or that we have to accept a trashy environment around us.  So, yes, us trailer girls do gotta stick together.  We can make the most of what we have by keeping it clean and in good repair, we can help break down misconceptions of the type of people who occupy trailers by being good neighbors and contributing to a healthy environment and positive society, and, equally as important, we can encourage our neighbors to do the same.

So, thanks to our friends and families and others who have read, and continue to read our blog.  Thanks to our fellow trailer folk for ongoing words of encouragement.  And thanks to our fellow bloggers, like Crystal, for the ‘link love’ and support.   10,000 times, thank you!

Rebecca Knabe


7 thoughts on “Over 10,000 and Counting….

  1. Ok we bought that place and so now the toilet garden is no more yah! And we are filling the garbage weekly lol old carpet and furniture will be gone next week and we will be painting next week also, so should be ready to rent by July if u want to spread that one more place cleaned up in the park yahoo

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