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It’s that time of year again when I’m in a constant battle with the neighborhood insects.  They seem to think they have squatting rights, and if they manage to avert a stomp of my shoe or any other eviction attempt, the place is theirs.  Well, my little buggy friends, it is not!

Living in a tiny trailer is a lot like camping all the time.  Small space, indoor/outdoor living, a good flow of fresh air, and lots of creepy crawlers.

Thankfully the ant population remained under control last summer.  The only real invasion I had was early last spring.  I had thrown a vacation cancellation party for some friends whose trip, no matter how hard they tried, was just not happening.  It was great fun with 25 friends packed into my tiny home, and the evening ended with a thin film of rum punch blanketing my entire floor.  The next morning I had a 5km fun run, and when I got home a colony of drunk ants was doing their best to clean up the place.  I put the little guys out of their alcohol-induced misery, and miraculously that was the last of the ant invasions for the year.

Let’s hope this year is similarly ant-free.  More or less.  I’ve been killing rogue ants here and there.  I think they are the scouts, looking for something promising to run back and tell their buddies about.  I’m trying to send a message that they are not welcome here, and to tell their friends to try the guy next door.

Another cringe-worthy visitor I see every summer is the earwig.  Even his name wigs me out.  Have you seen these things?  Super oogie little creatures with big pincers on their heads.  They’re pretty weird too.  They like to just hang out under stuff.  Under dish towels, utensil caddies, dirty laundry, shoes….  I haven’t seen any yet this year, but I know they are coming.

My least favorite of the invaders is the spider.  There are jillions of them.  Some like to hang out on the deck, weaving massive webs that I let them keep until company comes.  There are cities of them under the trailer.  I hope they are happy there because as long as they stay ‘under’ it is fine with me.  A few brave spider souls make their way inside.  Spiders used to make me hyperventilate.  Sometimes cry.  But now I have no choice but to be a big brave girl and squish them myself.  I usually miss the first time.  Then it’s a comedy of errors as I whack my flip flog again and again until I hit them.  Hopefully I hit them.  Because I’m pretty sure they don’t forget my attempts to extinguish their life, and as long as they are still living, I know they want revenge.

Here are a few of the different arachnids that I’ve spotted in my little pink trailer….

The Wolf Spider:

The Funnel Weaving Spider:

The Yellow Goldenrod Crab Spider:

And the good ol’ Black Widow:


Rebecca Knabe


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