How To Have a Lovely Day

Posted by Rebecca

Friday’s here.  Are you thrilled?  I am!

I’ll be spending much of the weekend rescuing the pink trailer and neglected yard from what feels like 2 months of living out of a suitcase – an eleven day trip out east and weekends in Tahoe, Sacramento, and two days en route during the race last weekend.  So I’ve got lots to do.

Oh, and my swamp cooler conked out last Sunday.  Misery!  Hopefully I’ll find a quick fix to keep me kinda cool until my friend, John, gets here next week and fixes it.  (Thank you, John :))  To beat the heat, Cassi and I will be hanging out, doing house and yard work in our bikinis, white trash style.

Until then, here are some lovely tips courtesy of Bits of Beauty, and found on Pinterest, on how to have a lovely Friday….

Rebecca Knabe

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