Welcome to the Neighborhood

Posted by Rebecca

The best way to describe my neighborhood would be, in a word, interesting.  As you know, I live in a tiny trailer park – just 24 spots.  11 of those spots are occupied by my friends, or friends of friends, so we really have a nice little community.  However, when you step outside of our little mobile haven, you are in a whole ‘nother world.

There are 3 or 4 other little trailer parks within a few-block radius, some quite nice (with speed bumps and everything) and some quite not-nice.  The demographic is lower-income, primarily hispanic.  The billboards and signs are all in Spanish, and there are several taquerias and panaderias within walking distance.  And we have delicious taco trucks that stay busy late into the night.

In addition to the hardworking, ethnically diverse members of our community, there are some very unusual sights.  There’s the hooker who wears one boot while carrying the other up and down the street; there’s Skateboard George, a Reno old-timer who wears knee and elbow pads while limping along and simultaneously kicking his skateboard (one which he never, not ever, rides); then there’s the lady who pushes her shopping cart  around town, and in that shopping cart stands nothing but her tutu-wearing miniature poodle….  Oh, and I saw a chicken once.  But only once.  I don’t imagine my neighborhood is a safe place for a live chicken.  We also have an abundance of other “wild life” in the area; dodging Chihuahuas and cats on a regular basis has become par for the course.

A few streets down the neighborhood gets scary, as there is lots of gang activity and regular police presence.  But it doesn’t seem to make it down to our little park, thank goodness.  And believe it or not, our park is very quiet.  During the day there are dogs making some noise, and children playing, but at night it is peaceful and quiet.  I sleep with my windows open and never hear a peep.

I like my little neighborhood.  It’s very interesting.  Would I rather live in a pristine gated community, or a heavily treed historical neighborhood?  Sure!  Who wouldn’t?  But that’s not what I have, nor what my circumstances allow.  So I choose to see the humor and joy in what I do have, and, besides, few things compare with living just a few steps away from good friends, and from one of the best taco trucks in town.

Rebecca Knabe


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Neighborhood

  1. We ended up in Reno after abandoning our plans to head to the Oregon coast. We kept watching the weather and it didn’t look promising so we decided to drive through the middle of Oregon and continue until we found sun. I never got to see much of Reno as we camped in the RV park of a casino (can’t remember which one, it was fairly new though). My husband swore he would never go there again because of the crazy fast drivers on the freeway. He also says that about LA and Salt Lake City, although we’ve made the drive through SLC a few times. I wish we had seen more of the city other than the RV parking lot and the skyline as we drove away. Anyways, we ended up in Carson City for a bit and took a day trip to Virginia City (loved it).
    We did make it to the Oregon coast two years ago and although it was cold, we really enjoyed it and Washington too. Funny, he never complained much about driving in Seattle. Hmmm.

    • Driving in LA, is horrible. But I’ve always hated driving in Seattle too….
      Well, if you are ever back in Reno, get away from the casinos and check out the River Walk district downtown. It’s very pretty along the Truckee River with lots of nice restaurants, bars, coffee shops and boutiques. And head over to Lake Tahoe – just an hour from Reno.

      • I would like to visit again and will keep the River Walk district in mind. We were going to head to Lake Tahoe but the weather wasn’t great at the time (cold) and we were on a sun seeking mission.
        Thanks for the travel tips! 🙂

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