How Not to Be a Hoarder

Posted by Rebecca

Hoarding is relative, relatively speaking.  Some of us like the more lived-in cutsy-cozy look, and some of us are minimalists.  Some of us are very sentimental, and others, not so much.  And, some of us just like to have more stuff.  But the important thing to remember, no matter what our style is, get rid of the stuff that isn’t important or useful in order to help keep your home comfortable and clean.

Apartment Therapy (I know, I know, I can’t get enough of them) has some ideas on how to scale down and clean out.  My favorite ideas in the article are:

– Remove furniture that blocks hallways and walkways and choose smaller items that fit into the space, allowing room to breathe.

– Lose furniture that you don’t use, like tables designated only to hold piles of stuff that should be tossed.

– Clear out stuff from under the bed and under pieces of furniture that you can see.  Believe me, I know how valuable storage is in a small space, but if the piece of furniture is overwhelmed by the stuff stored under it, it may be time to eliminate that clutter.

– Recycle, donate, file at the beginning of every season.  If you didn’t wear or use it during the previous season, consider removing it for good.

– Recycle junk mail as soon as you receive it, or better, cancel it.

Read the whole article here, and Happy Un-Hoarding!!

Rebecca Knabe


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