Trailer Pick of the Day – Deck Art

Posted by Rebecca

Here is a look at part of my deck and the entrance to my home.  The bamboo is for privacy and the artwork is for sanity.  All of my yard art was done by Tanille’s super talented husband, James.  It makes my heart happy to see this when I walk up to my front door.

I hope you’ve stuck something at your front door that makes you smile every day.

Rebecca Knabe


6 thoughts on “Trailer Pick of the Day – Deck Art

  1. No artwork, but I do like to have my front door painted a colour other than white. Right now it’s green, but I think I may change that up this fall to a very dark navy. I usually have a seasonal wreath on the door too. I don’t like to have too much out front because things tend to “disappear” in our town. Usually it’s the rogue gnome or deck chair that go missing although I’ve heard of people having their flowers cut and taken.

    Have a great weekend!

      • I have begun a blog too…I feel like downsizing and moving into my trailer is a big life adjustment. Somehow I am beginning to think it’s going to be so much for the better! I really do appreciate your blog and your enthusiam for you trailer and trailer life. I think I would like to have a “blogroll” on my blog. May I include your blog? I don’t have any readers yet, and really it’s more for my own sake that I’m writing, but if you would like to check out my blog it’s located here.

      • That’s fantastic that you are starting a blog! This blog definitely started out as my own version of therapy. I was doing it for me. It can bring with it a kind of vulnerable feeling, but I think vulnerability is essential for growth.
        Good for you! I’ve already added your blog to my favorites and will keep reading. And we’d be more than happy to be included on your blogroll!!

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