Trailer Pick of the Day – Weird Nevada Pt. 1

Posted by Rebecca

I was very surprised to read this morning in a recent census report, where Nevada ranks in mobile homes per capita.  At 6% of its residents living in mobile homes, we are 0.6% below the national average and equal with New Hampshire, ranking at #28.  The #1 state for mobile homes per capita is South Carolina at 17.9%.  And #50 is Hawaii with just 0.2% of its residents occupying mobile homes.

This is surprising to me because it seems like trailers are everywhere; not just in the cities, but even in the middle of nowhere.

I have always found kooky Americana very fascinating.  I’d love to take a long road-trip through the country, seeking out things like the world’s largest Paul Bunyan or ball of twine.  I’ve driven the 452 miles between Reno and Las Vegas a few times, and it is full of ‘kooky’ and lots and lots of trailers.

These pictures were taken in the tiny town of Mina, NV, which consists of a entrepreneurial green trailer, a couple weird signs, a few other generic buildings, and oddly enough, an airport.  I guess by air is the only means a lobster could make its way to Mina, NV….

Rebecca Knabe


One thought on “Trailer Pick of the Day – Weird Nevada Pt. 1

  1. Someone in Mina, NV has an odd sense of humour but it’s makes a road trip more interesting. I’d do a double take if I saw the lobster crossing sign in the middle of the desert. Too funny.

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