Another Pink Trailer

Posted by Rebecca

I just found one of the cutest trailers I’ve seen in a while.  The Fancy Farmgirl, Tiffany, is a photographer in Seattle, and apparently has a penchant for fantastic trailers.  Check out her recent renovation!  Cassi and I would have great weekend get-aways in this thing….

The cutest little trailer in a country mile.

Rebecca Knabe


3 thoughts on “Another Pink Trailer

  1. I am interested in refurbishing older mobile homes and I am pretty good at the inside, but how to make a 40-50 year old mobile look good on the outside. That one stumps me….I don’t want to completely reside them with iprocessed wood siding, which doesn’t last near as long as the metal siding.

    • I personally like the older mobiles with the original siding. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Tanille and her husband added wood trim around all their windows and it looks great! If the siding has dents you can buy dent repair systems to fix it yourself. I would google exterior restoration for mobile homes and see what comes up.

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