A Gratitude List

Posted by Rebecca

I’ve seen this a few times, in books and emails….  Write out a list of everything you are grateful for in your family, relationship, career, home, etc.  I’ve always thought it was a great idea.  It’s easy to see the flaws in all of these areas of our lives, but if we learn to focus on the positive stuff, and what we are grateful for, we may start to see our life in a different light.  Just give it a try!

This is my Gratitude List for my home:

–  Natural Light.  I have 18 windows in my tiny home.  So many that I have covered a few up with furniture.  But many still remain.  This makes my home sunny and cheerful everyday!

–  The Size.  I love the size of my home.  It is perfect for me!  Not too much or too little space, but still enough room for me to entertain, which is really important to me and my lifestyle.  And I can clean from top to bottom in no time at all.

– Peace and Quiet.  You would think that living in a trailer and in a busy neighborhood would be noisy, but not so.  It’s actually one of the quietest neighborhoods that I have lived in.  There is some daytime noise, but at night it’s nearly silent.

–  The Earth.  We’ve got some fantastic soil at our little park.  I’m the kind of person who could kill silk flowers, but the dirt in our little park is rich and even I have a hard time killing off the grass in my little yard.

–  My Swamp Cooler.  I had never heard of a swamp cooler before I moved to Nevada.  It sounded to me like something that back-woods-hicks in the deep south would use for keeping their pet alligator comfortable.  Turns out it’s delightful for humans and alligators alike.  It brings moisture into the dry air, and since you have to leave some windows cracked it feels more like fresh air, instead of recycled air-conditioner air.

– Water Pressure.  Have you ever had a crappy shower with no water pressure?  My water pressure is great.  ‘Nuff said.

–  My Neighbors.  In my tiny trailer park, 12 of the 24 spaces are occupied by my friends, or friends of friends – people who I knew or had a connection with before I even lived there.  This is one of the best things about my little trailer, and it means that there is always a friendly face around the corner, and almost always someone who is up for hanging out and having a glass of wine.


So those are some of the things about my home that I am grateful for (I didn’t include changes I have made to the place, because obviously I like that stuff).  And I think those are some pretty awesome things that I have on my list.  I feel better about my house already.  😀

What is your Gratitude List for your home?

Rebecca Knabe

P.S. Thanks Apartment Therapy for reminding me to do this today.


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