Lake Extravaganza – Bucks Lake

Posted by Rebecca

I took some time off work and away from the pink trailer last week, to enjoy a lake extravaganza of epic proportions.  I spent all 5 days soaking up the sun and getting fully water-logged.

The first lake I visited was Bucks Lake, CA, just for the day.  I had family camping there, and friends were going for the day, so I hitched a ride with them.  It was a great day, not super hot, but sunny and beautiful.  Here’s a little photo journal of the day’s events….

The lovely shore and deep blue water of Bucks.


Very dirty babies were there. Tip of the day: Never hug a dirty baby.


There was swimming and crawdad searching. And way too tight goggles.


There was lots of baseball.


Then the girls snuck away, leaving the kids to babysit the guys.  Off to Lakeshore Resort for their famous libation, Tree Smackers. This is the view from the deck.


The girls getting Tree Smacked.


There were marshmallows. And sticky fingers. And burnt hands…. Maybe marshmallows were a bad idea….

Happy babies and happy mamas.


Thanks, Bucks, for the wonderful day!

This was my 8th summer in a row visiting Bucks.  I love it.  It’s peaceful, quiet, picturesque, and I always have a great time.  Not sure that I will be back this summer, but if not, I will be back again next year.  I promise.

Rebecca Knabe



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