Me and CNN Are Like This (*insert crossed fingers here*)!

Posted by Rebecca

Vetted:  Of or pertaining to an investigation; a process of examination and evaluation; to fact-check.

So, I had something exciting happen over the weekend.  I had an article about (you guessed it) the pink trailer vetted on

They put a call out for individuals living in small spaces (500 square feet or smaller) to submit an article about their decision to do so, and their experiences pertaining to their tiny home.  And so I did.  All articles submitted are available for viewing, but just a few are approved and endorsed by CNN, or vetted.  And mine was one of them.

Here is my article, and here is where you can submit your own story about your small space life.  And thanks for reading!

Rebecca Knabe

P.S.  This is one of my favorite photos of Cassi and I, from just over a year ago, and it was taken by the amazing Eden Rose Photography.

P.P.S.  A couple of the facts in the “Producer’s Notes” are confused from the email interview I had with them, but you get the idea.


4 thoughts on “Me and CNN Are Like This (*insert crossed fingers here*)!

  1. Really well written story about how you and Cassi found happiness in the little pink trailer. You did a great job with the reno’s.

  2. Hi Rebecca – saw your guest post over on Tiny House Blog this morning and was tickled to learn you’re in Reno – which furthers my belief that we’re a city full of damn good lemonade-makers. Beautiful job on the trailer!

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