Lake Extravaganza – Tahoe! Days 3 & 4

Posted by Rebecca

Here are more pictures of beautiful Lake Tahoe and the second half of my camping trip.

The dogs were happy to be there.  So happy, they could hardly stay still.

Our view from our spot on the beach for 3 days.

Looking the other way.  The broken dock in the far distance.

Straight ahead.

A few of the girls, paddle boarding and kayaking.

The girls, and some amazing beach hair.

An up-close campfire view of the beach hair.

And a final one of my Cassi.

….and a quick story about how much she loves me.  I’m sure my friends are sick of hearing me brag about this story, but for those who haven’t heard it….

I was paddling around in a dingy with a couple of the other girls on one of the beach days.  The rest of our group had left the beach and headed back to camp.  Cassi was on the shore with our campsite neighbor, who was just making sure she didn’t wander off.  Usually when I’m in the water, Cassi will follow me up and down, along the shore until I return.  She’ll wade in the water a bit, but she hates to swim.  Well, I guess she lost track of me, because I looked over and saw her swimming out to the middle of the lake.  She was looking for me!  This dog, who hates water, loves me so much that she was willing to perform a water rescue if I needed it.  And that’s why I love her so much back.  🙂

Rebecca Knabe


10 thoughts on “Lake Extravaganza – Tahoe! Days 3 & 4

  1. I just LOVE your Cassi! She reminds me of my late, great Sheba (RIP), who was the same with water. What a treasure you have in her & you know there’s nowhere she’d rather be than right by your side, I enjoyed seeing your pics so much today, have a safe, fun time!

      • I tell you I just came upon your blog, what a beautiful inspiring story, I love the trailer and much more than that I love the stories of Cassi, Ihave t3 dachsunds and I would do everything I could to stay with them, just like you

      • Thanks, Carmen! I love dachshunds!! I had a couple wire-haired minis as a kid, and my aunt, who lives in England, is the secretary, and she also often judges, for the Dachshund Club. They are a really lovely breed.

  2. It looks beautiful there. Now I’m kinda bummed that we missed it when we were down that way. Cassi is one special girl. I have a small dog who does not like water one bit. I love him to bits, but he would have taken off and never looked back.

  3. I found my way here via the tinyhouse blog. What you’ve done with the trailer is fantastic! The pics of the dogs at the lake are terrific and Cassi sounds like a true gem! It’s nice to read about someone creating a good life for herself. Congratulations and continue making your happiness.
    Tchau-wow from Portugal,

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