Eagle Lake, CA

Posted by Rebecca

Last weekend was a one-last-camping-hoopla before my dear friend, Kara, moves to Florida next month.  Her and I, and a few others headed to Eagle Lake, which is a family favorite for Kara and her parents.

Eagle Lake is in northern California, in the Lassen National Forest area, and is the second largest natural lake in the state.  The shoreline is flat with dark earth and sand, and the water is bathwater-warm in the very shallow shores.  It’s very pretty, and we enjoyed the weekend by engaging in lots of swimming, boating, canoeing and fishing.

Here are some pictures of our super-fun trip:

On our drive to Eagle Lake we were reminded that forest fire season is in full-swing.

Cassi had fun playing with Duke, while Maddy sat in the background, shooting off irritated yips every now and then.

My first view of the lake in the dusky evening light.

Kara is ready to canoe.  If only the lake would come get her….

Two days of tubing will quickly remind you that you aren’t 18 any more.

Cassi walking on water.

Our secluded beach.

The rabbit brush was in full bloom.

Beautiful grassy meadows surround the lake.

The lovely sunset.

Thanks for the memories, Eagle Lake!  We won’t forget you anytime soon.

Rebecca Knabe


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