Fashionable Trailers

Posted by Rebecca

It’s finally catching on….  This trailer thing.

The reputation of the poor mobile dwelling has declined over the years – the first true mobile homes were horse-drawn carriages, then houses built on skids and moved by teams of horses; next the fancy camping trailers that were brightly painted to match the car hauling it around.  After that trailers became a little more stationary as the width and length grew, but it was still a respectable home.  The last 20-30 years, however, is where their reputation really went down the toilet, with run-down trailer parks and cheap housing options that attracted hoodlums and hooligans of all sorts.

But in this broken economy that has affected everyone, the value of the mobile home has vastly increased.  No, not the value as a monetary asset, but the value as an inexpensive structure.  And this value is being noticed by small business and boutique owners around the country.

The Fashion Truck is a “well-curated, lively mix of apparel and accessories products brought to trend seekers in a step van turned modern boutique,” according to their website.  It’s a Boston-based fashion truck that makes stops at markets, bazaars and parties.

The Styleliner has a collection of mobile stores in NYC, the Hamptons, Palm Beach, FL, and elsewhere, “that are hocking vintage accessories, sexy shoes and denim to die for in their haute wheels,” stated an article in the Edmonton Journal.

Sarah Ellison Lewis couldn’t deal with the price of store leases in Austin, TX, so she opened her funky shoe boutique in a renovated trailer, and parked it between a chic hotel and a popular brunch destination.

Photograph by: Jay Janner , AP

This trend is gaining momentum; so much so that ExTreme ReTrailers designs custom retail trailers as mini stores on wheels, with prices starting at $10,000.

So you see, this trailer thing really is catching on.  Or maybe this trailer thing always had it, and we are the ones who are finally catching on.

Rebecca Knabe


3 thoughts on “Fashionable Trailers

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  2. I live in a very fashionable mobile home – the one I grew up in! It is a Smoker Aristrocrat 10 X 59 built in 1959. I also own the land it sits on about 1/2 acre in a town called Federal Heights CO. This town is very mobile home friendly and has several areas where you can own the land your mobile home sits on. Go to any real estate web site such as realtor dot com and search for Federal Heights CO. I wouldn’t think of living any where else. I’m a real estate agent and sell alot of these places.

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