Street Food

Posted by Rebecca

Hot dog stands and ice cream trucks have always had the monopoly on mobile street food.  Just one note of the familiar ice cream truck soundtrack, or one glimpse of a hot dog vendor’s colorful umbrella lets you know treats are close and available.  In fact, I heard an ice cream truck barreling down the street just the other day, blasting an ice cream truck version of Silent Night.  Which I thought was very strange.

As of late, however, other food trucks are popping up all over cities and towns, offering delicious variations on convenient street food.  In Reno this summer, someone came up with the brilliant idea of gathering the food trucks together once a week to create an outdoor mobile food court.  And it has been great!

Most Friday nights since June, Idewild Park along the Truckee River has been host to the Reno Street Food event.  The collection of food trucks has varied, but the scene is the same – about a dozen restaurants or catering establishments offering delights, a grassy field for the masses (bring your own blanket or chair), and some sort of live background music.

I’ve been a pescetarian for 4 1/2 years now (a vegetarian who eats fish occasionally), and sometimes the variety of what I can order in restaurants is pretty limited.  Although almost no fish is available , the options here have been pretty good.  I’ve enjoyed vegetarian burritos, falafel, savory crepes, pizza, garlic fries, italian ice, and a Reno Street Food favorite – Mexican corn.  Mexican corn is a roasted cob, covered in a thin layer of mayo, a generous layer of parmesan cheese, and sprinkled with cayenne pepper.  I know it sounds weird, but it is so tasty that the food truck sells out of it every week.  Yum!

For carnivores the options are endless with tri-tip sandwiches, award-winning chicken wings, huge juicy burgers, bacon and Nutella crepes, and the super-popular Pig Pops, which are some sort of barbecued pork loin something-or-other.

The first Friday of every month from April to October is a little different.  The food trucks gather elsewhere, at Center and Fourth Street for Food Truck Friday.  I haven’t been to that event yet, but I’ve heard great things, and I hope to get a chance before the end of the season.

Do you have anything like it in your area?  Maybe it’s time to check it out.  Long live the delicious mobile food movement!  😀

Photo by my lovely friend, Ng Gutierrez

Rebecca Knabe


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